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This Insertion Order (“I/O”) is not effective until it is completed by the advertiser or sponsor listed on the first page of this I/O (“you”) and a representative of Moonwalker USA INC, (“us” or “we”).

This I/O is governed by our standard Advertising Agreement Terms and Conditions or standard Conference Sponsorship Terms and Conditions, as applicable “Terms.”  In the event of a conflict between the Terms and the Notes section of this I/O, the “Notes” section of this I/O shall prevail.  This summary of terms, and as updated by us from time to time, is not legally binding in and of itself, but presented to you for the informational purpose of summarizing the contract you are agreeing to when you sign this IO, which is legally binding, and which includes these Terms.  You should review the appropriate legally binding Terms, from which this Summary is excerpted, carefully here for Advertising and here for Sponsorships.


By signing this I/O, if you are purchasing advertising, you are agreeing to CryptoWorldCon standard Advertising Agreement Terms and Conditions.

A summary of those terms includes:

1. You grant us a limited, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to reproduce, publish, and distribute your advertising content.  Any advertising elements we create on your behalf are the intellectual property of Moonwalker USA INC, and you cannot reproduce those elements without Moonwalker USA INC written consent.

2. Your content must conform to our publisher policies (for example, the content cannot be offensive, defamatory, misleading, unlawful, or otherwise damage our, our affiliates’ or our partners’ reputations).  If we believe your content does violate our publisher policies, we reserve the right in our sole discretion to reject any content and/or terminate your I/O.

3. Any advertisements that could be mistaken for editorial content must be clearly marked as sponsored. We follow established internal disclosure protocols in flagging advertising and there are no exceptions.

4. You are responsible for approving the final draft of all advertising content.  We are not responsible for any errors in any content that you approve as final.

5. You assume sole liability for the content of your advertisements.

6. If you request, we place your advertisements on a third-party advertising network, you must prepay us any amounts due to the third-party advertising network, and those amounts are not eligible for a refund.

7. We may assess you a rewrite fee if you miss the deadline, we establish in our production schedules. You may also incur additional charges if the nature or subject matter of your advertisements change, after we have begun work.  If we are designing creative items for you (such as artwork) we will create an original and incorporate two rounds of revisions based on your feedback per sponsored article. Additional revisions may incur additional charges.  We will discuss with you any additional charges prior to assessing them.

8. If your advertisements are being placed through an advertising agency, you and the agency are jointly and severally liable for payment of all invoices and liabilities incurred.

9. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to terminate your I/O and your full agreement with us if any claim you make in an advertisement cannot be factually substantiated.


By signing this Insertion Order, you are committing to participate in our CryptoWorldCon or CryptoWorldYacht events calendar, including in your commitment an agreement to any unavoidably necessary changes in conference scheduling due to covid-19 or other force majeure events beyond the control of the Parties. You agree to and affirm the events/conference deliverables itemized on page 4 of the Notes section of this IO. You also agree to CryptoWorldCon standard Conference Sponsorship Terms and Conditions, available at

A summary of those terms includes:

1. We will provide you with Conference-related branding as described on this I/O. You must provide your company logo and speaker information by the deadlines provided in order to be included in promotional initiatives.

2. We each grant the other nonexclusive permission to use our respective trademarks solely in the performance of the Agreement.

3. If your sponsorship includes exhibit space, we will provide you with display materials unless specified and/or otherwise agreed in writing. We reserve the right to veto any additional materials if determined, in the sole discretion of CryptoWorldCon, to not be in the best interest of the event.

4. If your I/O states that you are required to book your lodging through the official Conference Hotel, we will provide you with a link to book your reservation.

5. We cannot guarantee the time, dates and/or position of your sponsorship components, but will use commercially reasonable best efforts to place them in a timely manner.

6. Cancellation of a Sponsorship occurring in excess of 60 days preceding the Conference shall entitle the Sponsor to a 50 percent refund to be paid in CryptoWorldCon Services credit to be determined in the sole discretion of CryptoWorldCon, and which may in our discretion constitute a transfer of sponsorship to our next scheduled event. Cancellation at discretion of Sponsor occurring less than 90 days in advance of Conference shall not entitle the Sponsor to any refund. CryptoWorldCon may in this instance treat the order as cancelled, meaning no Sponsorship will be effective at the event and no refund will be due or paid. The latter will be the case should you become insolvent or bankrupt or are otherwise in breach of the terms of this Agreement. Moonwalker USA Inc a reserves the right to assess and invoice any out-of-pocket expenditures on behalf of your company and sponsorship that are not covered by your payments at date of cancellation, with invoices due upon receipt.

7. All advertising provided with Sponsorship is subject to the Advertising Agreement Terms and Conditions, available at Contract.


The policies below apply to both advertising and conferences.

1. Moonwalker USA inc invoices are due upon receipt unless specified otherwise. You are encouraged to review your invoice as soon as possible after receipt. We require that you contact our billing department in writing with any questions or concerns about any invoice, paid or unpaid, within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

2. Prices quoted on I/O are before any fees associated with your selected payment method, e.g., credit card processing fees, Moonwalker processing fees or your bank’s transfer fees.

3. All delinquent invoices will incur a 2% monthly finance charge. Any collection fees incurred will be added to the invoice. If you have a delinquent balance, we reserve the right to suspend all services until your account is paid in full.

4. Invoices are denominated in USD but customers often pay us in Cryptocurrency, and occasionally, after Cryptocurrency experiences a price increase, they ask for a refund of their (now more valuable) Cryptocurrency. Please note, if you pay us in cryptocurrency, such as Cryptocurrency, you accept the risk of loss caused by fluctuations in the cryptocurrency. Any refund, whether USD, Cryptocurrency or Media Services credit, (which, as described in number 7 under “Conference Sponsorship Policy,” may be less than the full payment amount) will be the lesser of: the USD value of the cryptocurrency at the time it was made, or the actual number of cryptocurrency paid, at Moonwalker USA sole discretion.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL; there are no cancellations, returns, or exchanges.

IF AN EVENT IS CANCELLED, you will be given a full refund minus any delivery charges if the tickets have already been delivered.

IF AN EVENT IS POSTPONED OR RESCHEDULED, and the original tickets are valid for entry at the time of the rescheduled event, your order will not qualify for a refund.

The tickets are transferable.

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