Managing Partner of FGC & Rate Group

Tony Evans has over 17 years of experience with High Net Worth and asset management in the UK, Middle & Far East .6 years ago he moved to cryptocurrency, he set up an advisory firm FGC Group to help individuals and companies with cryptocurrency and investing with offices in Japan, Thailand, Nigeria, Malta. He has been involved with funding of over $150million in fintech, crypto-related projects, in 2018 he was involved in taking the first blockchain company public in New York. He has been a huge advocate of NFT and has been actively investing, structuring projects for the market. He is based in Japan but actively travels the world to see clients, speak at the conference, and explore new markets.

He is Managing Partner of FGC & RATE Group specialize in helping individuals and companies invest in the crypto / digital asset by creating and manage portfolios, business intergradation of blockchain, M&A and NFT creation and investment. He has been involved in the blockchain industry for over 6 years before that he spent over 15 years in wealth management in UK and Asia.

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