Columnist | Nasdaq, Founder & CEO | Zaye Consulting

A guest lecturer at the London School of Economics and a former Hedge Fund Trader at Bank Of New York Mellon with over a decade of experience under his belt in trading and research. Naeem is also a regular guest with all tier one media such as CNBC & Bloomberg and a Columnist with NASDAQ. Naeem has spoken at the headquarters of the European Parliament on the subject of blockchain and its adoption. He is an early adaptor of digital assets and personally invested in them back in 2015 and has been HHoldingit since then.

He has written for Forbes for over 4 years, covering Blockchain, Health-tech, A.I, EVs, and Macroeconomics. He is a founder of Zaye Consulting Ltd which provides research for digital and traditional assets and helps entrepreneurs to raise funds.

Naeem is also an investor who eagerly invests in early and growth-stage companies.

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