Founding member of the e-NABLE Alliance

Maria Esquela is a founding member of the e-NABLE Alliance ( and the e-NABLE Community, a global ecosystem with multiple communities of practice. Its members include need knowers, visionary designers, professionals in volunteer roles. It is committed to creating affordable solutions for underserved people around the world, and donates training and access to technology. It is known for creating and sharing the design for a 3D printable, body powered robotic hand, designated by the FDA as a “Class One Medical Device with Exceptions.” Our community makes and gives away arms, hands, Myoelectic upper limb devices and exoskeletons, lower limb devices for the lower legs and feet, over 200 designs for tools, tactile learning tools helpful for people with vision impairments or on the autism spectrum, and guidelines for 3D printing Braille, raised black line, or the creation of ethical filament from waste plastic. We maintain the collection of prosthetics and assistive designs at the Nationsl Institutes of Health 3D Print Exchange.

In 2020 we included pandemic and disaster response in our mission and activities, horrified by the failure of support systems and supply chains around the world. We continue to promote Open Source Medical Supplies, most recently addressing the need for tourniquets and oxygen concentrators in the Ukraine.

Mo Hasan is a modern-day Renaissance man who owns multiple corporations focused on global solutions for the future of mankind.

Mo Hasan has trained over 30,000 executives and managers, published 3 books, and delivered 2 TEDx talks. He has been speaking around the world for over 20 years and is an expert in communications and emotional intelligence.

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