Founding Partner, Security Token Group & CEO, Security Token Market

Kyle is an entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. He has developed a unique perspective through working with digital securities since 2017 and has spoken around the world as a thought-leader in the security token space since its inception. He co-founded Security Token Group as a result of working directly with issuers leveraging private securities exemptions, and currently leads the financial data and media platform, Security Token Market. As CEO of Security Token Market, he has built the largest ecosystem of security token offerings worldwide and developed a community of thousands of users who actively engage with the hundreds of offerings on the platform, participate in sourcing market data from over 100 exchanges worldwide, and produce content to drive adoption of the industry to retail audiences worldwide. He is also a host of the Security Token Show, the leading industry program breaking down the latest industry trends and market movers around the world to over 35,000 dedicated listeners, published each Monday on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other streaming platforms.

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