Chief of Staff NFT Genius

Karisa started her career as a musician but always had a deep-seeded love for entrepreneurship, technology, and anything creative…. oh, and puppies.

When she ventured into the world of 95’s she started her career working for a Tech start-up where she quickly learned the motto “ just figure it out”. As the right-hand to the CTO of a tech startup, she got a crash course on the ins and outs of both business as well as tech. Then the time came to move on and Karisa began to explore other industries, but nothing touched her soul like tech startups. Karisa bounced around through entertainment companies like STX, HBO Max, and CBS before falling head over heels in love with Crypto, blockchain, and NFTs. That’s when fate stepped in, and she landed a position as Chief of Staff at NFT Genius becoming the right hand to the CEO. During her time in the crypto world, she noticed a thirst nay a need for more diversity and inclusivity in the industry.

As a side hustle, she and her best friend Alyssa Bustamante decided to use their collective skills to build a new brand focused on women’s empowerment. They both had been villainized or underestimated by their male counterparts. Instead of harboring bad feelings, they wanted to shed some light on the topic by turning a negative into a positive.

The concept of BitchMade NFTs was born and their first art concept was Crypto Bitches. They found humor in all the ways that the word bitch was given to women. Each way was designed to encapsulate a stereotype that women supposedly fall into. They decided that they were not going to let that term or word dissolve their power as strong, hardworking, independent women but turn it around to make others feel foolish for using it.

They wanted to empower themselves as well as others so they took the adage of turning the other cheek and combined it with satire. Now cryptobitches had a name as well as an identity but they wanted to make sure they had a purpose too. These NFTs are designed to not just empower women but bring light to an issue that is very relevant today. We want to provide all people in all spaces the comfort of knowing they are not alone and to be proud of what they’ve accomplished. We want to push anyone that has felt marginalized to accomplish more despite the perception of being given a label.

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