Chief Executive Officer and Founder at BankSocial (a Fivancial, Inc. service), a Founder and President of BlockAdvocates, Inc.

An expert on transformational technology, financial innovation, entrepreneurship and business, Wingate argues that society’s centrally managed gatekeepers – governments, journalists and corporations – are, in their current form, incapable of imposing order on the chaos of our decentralized, online existence. His talks present an alternative in which software and algorithms, rather than being a threat to our way of life, can supplement and improve these aging, analog institutions. Along the way, he helps people and businesses connect new models for economic success, supplanting data-controlling middlemen and giving them access to markets and audiences on their own terms. It’s a hopeful vision of what he calls “Social Capitalism” that emphasizes transparency, objectivity and integrity so that human beings can thrive and participate with direct benefits in what will be a golden age of creativity and collaborative innovation.

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