Partner and General Counsel, Cheeky Marlin Industries LLC

Located in Dallas, Texas USA. Bethany is a regulatory compliance attorney with broad legal and compliance experience in the traditional financial services sector, spanning both mortgage and auto finance, including representing fintech, public, private, and start-up organizations. I am a relentless client-advocate versed in successfully navigating potential enforcement interactions with federal (e.g., SEC, OCC, CFPB) and state (e.g., NY DFS, CA DFPI, MA AG) agencies.

Partner in a digital currency asset management firm, Cheeky Marlin Industries, LLC, which specializes in DeFi staking, Bitcoin Mining, and United States regulatory compliance in cryptocurrency space.

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Cheeky Marlin Industries LLC | Hooked on Crypto. | Digital currency is poised to radically disrupt traditional financial systems. Cheeky Marlin Industries LLC is a digital currency asset management firm with proven ability to navigate the choppy seas ahead. Get hooked with us.

or @cheekymarlinLLC on Twitter. Thanks to her past lens gained from her traditional financial services background to navigate the evolving and proposed crypto compliance landscape, while providing business-centric solutions on their portfolio.

Her proposal for the conference is a panel discussion of the current United States federal and state regulatory trends and enforcement and potential compliance solutions for attendees. (e.g., NY Attorney General’s recent scrutiny on lending platforms for the “unlawful” selling or offering of securities, Commissioner Crenshaw’ SEC article in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BLOCKCHAIN LAW (IJBL), multiple public statements by state regulators on their concerns with loss of licensing revenue.) We would cover hot-button regulatory concerns and best practices on how to navigate.

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