Head of Operations for Active World Club

Beau Kelley is the head of operations for Active World Club. He has spent the last 20 years of his career focused on venture capital and corporate mergers and acquisitions. Beau brings his 20 years of experience to AWC for the Defi and NFT projects along with guidance on the day-to-day operations. Since kicking off the project in October of 2021, The Club has built their own exchange site, an NFT exchange, been named as the “NFT Producer” for the film “The Performance” starring Jeremy Piven, purchased a precious metals refining company, completed a partnership with Amiga Games, Inc for an NFT roll out, and is currently building out their own Metaverse project.

In addition to overseeing daily operations of the Club, Mr. Kelley is the project lead for the Charitable side of Active World Club. Beau has physically worked in world mission projects in Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, India and is involved in projects in Kenya, Pakistan, and Venezuela. He has connected his heart for global missions to the Club. Within the last few months the Club has donated to help finish a 50 bed outpatient hospital and dental clinic in India, built a water purification plant in Venezuela and helped start an internet café in Kenya.

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