Who we are – Moonwalker USA

Moonwalker USA was founded in 2012 in Miami, Florida, with over ten years of experience analyzing the needs of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. We are a member of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) that promotes blockchain technologies by empowering individuals and organizations to connect. We firmly believe that the financial culture must make a significant shift, heading in the right direction to advance and evolve together in the economic and technological markets of the world. We in Moonwalker USA believe in a philosophy of change and evolution that leaves behind old and obsolete policies in the financial sector, making room for a growth process that is constantly evolving as the blockchain and cryptocurrency field does.

It is crucial to help create real and viable opportunities to progress productively and successfully in society by providing the necessary tools to the public. Thanks to the professional background of its founders and team over time, Moonwalker USA has created the CryptoWorldCon With the support of the Government Blockchain Association, CryptoWorldCon is the event that offers a unique opportunity to gather the biggest names in the industry under one roof during a two-day event to generate a positive impact and opportunities to its attendees. With CryptoWorldCon we want to achieve the goal of bringing together business and political leaders to share their vision, knowledge, and experiences through their views about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies evolution.

Moonwalker USA is not affiliated with any project and provides feedback at a business level. As a company, its goal and vision are to generate visibility by unifying the DEFI VS CEFI world in the Conference & trade show, Also we have NFT Exhibition so the event attendees can set their criteria from a neutral point of view. One of Moonwalker USA´s goals is to connect, unify and create strategic alliances from different industries towards the Blockchain world.

Our Company’s goals

We work to promote:

  • Networking with other agents in the environment.
  • We know that information is power. We want to generate and share our knowledge with anyone looking for professional growth through new technologies in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • To search and propose innovative alternatives to today’s problems.
  • To provide an opportunity and create leaders focused on the social side, so their projects positively impact the community.

Our Mission Statement:

We want to help with social inclusion, promoting the necessary economic changes for people who demand it by building inclusive communities.

Our Vision:

To be an organization that is professional, independent, plural, and supportive. We want to be a reference in the field of social inclusion, both for people who are at social risk and for the rest of the agents that contribute to achieve this goal.

Our Values:

Our values are fundamental keys that represent us and are present in every member of our team:

  • Honesty
  • Efficiency
  • Equal opportunities
  • Solidarity
  • Cooperation
  • Respect
  • Empathy

Our CSR, we are committed to help single mothers in risk of exclusion. Through a program that we are developing that includes a financial contribution and a social action of integration into the working life providing the participants of the program a technological education, technical training and employment opportunities.

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