CryptoWorldCon | Conference Schedule Main Auditorium

James L. Knight Center / 400 SE 2nd Avenue, Miami FL 33131

APRIL 01 – 2022 Main Auditorium

7:30am – 8:00am.

Registration and Reception.

8:00am. – 9:00am.

Breakfast networking / Main Hall and coffee area.

9:00 am. – 9:30am.


9:30am. – 10:00am.

Danielle Marinelli CEO DTS Conference: Beaming Financial Services up into the metaverse: a new frontier.

10:00am – 11:00am.

Jordan Belfort conference: Crypto Bear to Bull.

11:00am.– 11:30am.

Ben Goertzel “Revolutionizing AI with Accelerated Blockchain Tech.

11:30am.– 12:30pm.

Ambassador of El Salvador Milena Mayorga Conference: “The competitive advantages as a country of having bitcoin as the legal currency of El Salvador”.

12:30pm.– 1:00pm.

Kyle Sonlin, Tyler Wagner, Melitsa Waage & Nicole Garcia Panel Discussion: the future of tokenization with book sales.

1:00pm. – 2:00pm.

Lunch & Networking.

2:00pm. – 2:30pm.

Priya Guliani Conference: Blockchain enabled supply chain.

2:30pm. – 3:00pm.

Tareck Kirschen conference: How NFTs will change the Music Industry And how streaming is responsible for the starving artists.

3:00pm. – 3:30pm.

Harry Golash, Max Skinner, and Ben Weiss Panel Discussion: Nft Utilization.

3:30pm. – 4:00pm.

Lior Lamesh conference: Thinking like a hacker how to protect banking from cyber Attacks.

4:00pm. – 4:40pm.

Panel Discussion NASA exploring the use of blockchain technology for inter- satellite.

4:40pm. – 5:00pm.

Beau Kelley conference: The Value of Clubs in the Crypto Space.

5:00pm. – 6:00pm.

Jordan Belfort Conference “Inner & Outer World of Success”.

6:00pm – 6:30pm.

Favio Velarde & Mauricio Zolliker conference: The Impact of Decentralization and NFTs on the Arts & Entertainment Industry.

6:30pm. – 7:00pm.

Shiv & Priya Panel Frictionless Adoption of Web 3.0.

APRIL 02 – 2022 Main Auditorium

7:30am – 8:00am.

Registration and Reception.

8:00am. – 9:00am.

Breakfast networking / Main Hall and coffee area.

9:00am. – 9:30am.

Moderator: Benji Markoff, Dave Uhryniak, John Wingate, Discussion panel Are financial institutions will openly adopt blockchain and cryptocurrencies significantly, and how will their competitors react?

9:30am. – 10:00am.

Bill Ding Crypto, NFT and exchanges in Latin America”.

10:00am. – 10:30am.

Justin Pikelis Conference: Metaverse.

10:30am. – 11:00am.

Moderators Jovan Marjanovic & Naeem Aslam. Speakers Greg Bloom John Wingate, Nabeel Malik Panel Discussion: Will blockchain play a role in voting and, if so, when?

11:00am.– 11:30am.

Marcello Mari conference: “Using AI to democratize access to DeFi”

11:30am.– 12:00pm.

Moderator Jovan marjanovic, Justin Ballard, Danielle Marinelli, Alexander Bueno, Michael Cobb Discussion panel: How do licensed private blockchains coexist with public ledgers and the token economy? Supply chains will be transparent, efficient, and immutable.

12:00pm.– 13:00pm.

Eloisa Cadenas Founder of CryptoFintech Conference: stablecoins vs CBDC or also NFTs application cases that go beyond crypto art.

1:00pm. – 2:00pm.

Lunch & Networking.

2:00pm – 2:30pm.

Bill Ding conference: “The Metaverse in Asia and Beyond”.

2:30pm. – 3:00pm.

Moderator: Naeem, Amy Kanolki, Natasha Paracha, Wrenn Taylor, Tony Evans. Discussion panel: Will communities look for startups, find their own development teams, or turn to an enterprise for these solutions?

3:00pm. – 3:30pm.

Moderator Jovan Marjanovic speakers: Gabriela Kurs, Jesse Camacho, Alvaro Nuñez,and Mo Hassan Panel Discussion: Municipal, state, and local governments and the real estate industry will turn to blockchain for dozens of simple record-keeping tasks on title deeds, deed transfers, licenses, birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates.

3:30pm. – 4:00pm.

Erick Pinos President of the Blockchain Education Network (BEN). Conversation Topic: Blockchain Education in Universities & High Schools.

4:00pm. – 4:30pm.

Gerard Dache The Impact of the GBA Global.

4:30pm. – 5:00pm.

Eduardo Gonzalez Gotera Conference: “The coin & what it does or going to do”

5:00pm. – 5:30pm.

Carmelo Milan Conference: Polka City and the metaverse.

5:30pm. – 6:00pm.

Michaël Van de Poppe conference: Trading crypto in times of uncertainties, do they still have a future and what impact does social media make on your decisions?

6:00pm. – 6:30pm.

Shiv Aggarwal Conference: “Decentralized Identity”.

6:30pm – 7:00pm.

Clossing Session and reflexion of the event with Host Paul Gamache and Moderators Jovan Marjanovic and Naeem Aslam.

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