CryptoWorldCon | Conference Schedule Ashe Auditorium

James L. Knight Center / 400 SE 2nd Avenue, Miami FL 33131

APRIL 01 – 2022 Ashe Auditorium

7:30am – 8:00am.

Registration and Reception.

8:00am. – 9:00am.

Breakfast networking / Main Hall and coffee area.

9:00am. – 9:30am.


9:30am. – 10:00am.

Gravity zero Conference: Zero-G Instructor will assist participants in establishing a strong foundation in a variety of areas: Newton’s Laws, what is microgravity, parabolic flight, drop towers, suborbital and orbital flight, current scientific research in space, effects of space travel on humans, Zero-G mission briefing, and much, much more.

10:00am. – 10:20am.

Tony Evans NFT how entrepreneurs and businesses can implement and generate generational income.

10:20am. – 10:40am.

Greg Bloom conference: Intellectual Property law for NFTs and other digital assets.

10:40am. – 11:00am.

Jessica Lauren Radix Community conference.

11:00am.– 11:20am.

Mansoor Madhavji Conference: Web3 is creating new business models.

11:20am.– 11:40am.

John Wingate Conference: Social Capitalism.

11:40am.– 12:00pm.

Nabeel Malik CEO Founder Cryptolitics Impacts of Cryptocurrency on local, State and International Governments.

12:00pm.– 12:20pm.

Viktor Jósa Conference: Carbon Tech & Impact Investment: Driving meaningful and tangible action through the Proof of Impact Blockchain.

12:20pm.– 1:00pm.

Present your Start-Up!

1:00pm. – 2:30pm.

Lunch & Networking.

2:30pm. – 3:00pm.

Karisa Winett NFT Genius Conference: How crypto can change the job market for the future and give diversity a chance to thrive.

3:00pm. – 3:30pm.

Jesus Rodriguez conference: High-Frequency Trading and DEFI: Ideas, Strategies, Building Blocks and Things you should know about.

3:30pm. – 4:00pm.

Eric Guthier President & CEO – Better ME Better WE Conference: Most global legal systems are still trying to ascertain how to legislate, regulate, and rule on cryptocurrency and blockchain cases in court.

4:00pm. – 4:20pm.

Chris Oniya LifeofMusk NFT Conference: Metaverse and the unique community benefits and utilities.

4:20pm. – 4:40pm.

Bartek SibigaCEO Of Fanadise Conference: How Fancy Bears Metaverse broke the internet and started NFT 2.0 era.

4:40pm. – 5:00pm.

Ari S. Goldberg Conference: Owning the Ultimate Financial and Lifestyle NFT.

5:00pm. – 5:30pm.

Alex from Funday.Agency Conference: Why Good Marketing is Needed for Crypto Adoption (virtual conference).

5:30pm. – 6:00pm.

Tony Salazar Conference: The Largest Airdrop in Crypto History.

6:00pm. – 7:00pm.

Closing Panel and Reflection of the Day.

APRIL 02 – 2022 Ashe Auditorium

7:30am – 8:00am.

Registration and Reception.

8:00am. – 9:00am.

Breakfast networking / Main Hall and coffee area.

9:00am. – 9:30am.

Maria Escuela Workshop Blockchain for Humanitarian Purposes – Looking at Actions in Ukraine, Africa, Philippines.

9:30am. – 10:00am.

Coffee Break Session with Chris Oniya, Carmelo Milian & Justin Pikelis (Topic discussion Metaverse).

10:00am. – 10:30am.

Jesse Camacho Conference: IP & NFTs: Tips for buyers, sellers, and markets.

10:30am. – 11:00am.

Natasha Paracha Conference: Social Impact & School Coin.

11:00am.– 11:30am.

Gabriela Kurs Board Director at the Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association conference: Navigating Complexity & Ambiguity: Global Regulation in the Crypto Industry.

11:30am.– 12:00pm.

Aly Madhavji Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund and LP at Loyal VC & Draper Goren Holm Conference: “How early corporate adopters are achieving an ROI with Blockchain”.

12:30pm.– 1:00pm.

Michael Cobb, CEO, ECI Development Conference: While Crypto is Financial Freedom, Crypto is NOT Personal Freedom! What Can We Do?

1:00pm. – 2:30pm.

Lunch & Networking.

2:30pm. – 3:00pm.

Chris N. Cheetham Conference: Top Marketing Trends for Blockchain-Based Brands!

3:00pm. – 3:30pm.

Present your Start-Up! Final round and winner.

3:30pm. – 4:00pm.

Wrenn Taylor – Dev of SpookyShiba Conference: Developing a community. Not just a crypto, a world full of utility and the future of a jobless world.

4:00pm. – 4:30pm.

Amy Kalnoki, Co-Founder and COO of Bitwave, and co-host of the podcast The DeFi Daily conference: Because of DeFi Your Next Business Won’t Have A Bank.

4:30pm. – 5:00pm.

Alexander Bueno Fundamental Secrets Conference: On-Chain Investigation will change the way you make money in the Crypto Space.

5:00pm. – 5:20pm.

Jess Furman Conference: Taking Blockchain mainstream in music & media.

5:20pm. – 5:40pm.

Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr Editor-in-Chief of CointelegraphVirtual Conference The social & media impact of cryptocurrency on the web, how the evolution of Cryptocurrencies créated a whole new specialized market of news media projects focussed on Cryptocurrency and blockchain.

5:40pm. – 6:00pm.

Matthew Oakley conference: Web 3.0 Development and NFT capabilities.

6:00pm. – 6:30pm.

Dave Uhryniak -Director of Blockchain Strategy of TRON DAO Conference: The Future of DeFi with TRON DAO.

6:30pm. – 7:00pm.

Massy Almubidin IncubateX Conference: #NFTsForGood.

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